Left to right: Renee Coughlin, Steve Plimmer, Noelle Coughlin, Hillary Watson

Renee, Steve, Hillary, Noelle

Renee, Steve, Hillary, Noelle

Renee, Steve, Hillary, Noelle  Photo Credit:  Michaela Devine Photography

Renee, Steve, Hillary, Noelle

Photo Credit: Michaela Devine Photography

Why music?

Human life is an extraordinary thing.  The complexities that exist in every moment can be both confusing and inspiring.  As human beings living in a busy world, we believe in the importance of finding those things that grab you and pull you into a moment.  The thing that helps you find pause and focus on the detail at hand.  The thing that reminds you that life is a process, a gift worth unwrapping slowly.  For us, that thing is music.  Not only does music bring us great joy and allow us to connect with ourselves and others, but it acts as a constant reminder and metaphor for the way in which we aim to live life.  Music teaches us to live in the moment.  To expand every breath, stretch every note and pay attention to the detail and intricacies that come together to create a beautiful song.  For us, this is how we wish to live.  To pay attention to the world and all of its beauty in every second.  Enjoy the unfolding of a melody without racing to the end of the song.  To play, interact, create and express ideas.  Music teaches us to acknowledge the detail of each confusing and inspiring moment, and continue to dance through life with ease.  

Beyond the boundaries of metaphor, our music has acted as a form of therapy for each of us.  There is something healing about being able to share exactly what is on your mind and in your heart through a song that inspires others to take part in the story.  What at times may feel like a heavy burden or thought can be released in a tune that makes you want to flail about and dance until you can’t feel your feet.  Not that all of our music has a particularly “flaily” feel to it, but it is that sentiment that really connects us with music and its power to invite people into a moment, experiencing every emotion that comes with it.  A single second is all it takes to make an impact, to change a thought, start a new journey or to stand up for something you believe in.  A single second is all it takes to make a choice of who you want to be and how you want to live in the world.  You have the choice to use a gift you’ve been given or to keep it hidden for fear of judgement.  We recognize that music is the avenue we have chosen to be true to ourselves and honor our own gifts and desires in this lifetime.  Our hope is that every time we share our joy of making music, we invite those who listen to share in the joy of finding that thing that makes their own heart sing.  We hope that with each melody, we can be inspired together to always honour ourselves and honour the world around us, in all of its complexities.