The Pairs
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First of all, THANK YOU for making your way to this page! We have no words to describe the amount of gratitude we hold for each of you and your willingness to support this creative journey! 

We are The Pairs! A unique group of people focused on finding that sweet sweet harmony! Both on and off the metaphorical music field.

We don’t quite fit in any particular genre and we like that. With 3 songwriters at the helm, we work hard to bring several perspectives to our music and relay messages of hope, hilarity, and hardship in 3 part sister harmonies and groovy rhythms. This new album captures our diversity of sound and hopes to engage people in a completely authentic way. 

We have spent the last two years refining who we are as a group and discovering ourselves as individual artists. We hope that by sharing our lives openly and living out loud, we can contribute to a kinder world, where human beings can lean on one another and know they are not alone. We believe that music has the power to affect change. We feel the momentum that can be carried through a single song and cherish the opportunity to share a message of hope, inclusion, social justice and positivity.   

Our new album, Noise, (Set to release on November 15th 2019) is a collection of songs written from a place of hope, hilarity, tragedy and questioning. It seeks to engage with the often chaotic experience of human life — whether it’s the noise of the world around us, the internal noise we try to make sense of, or simply the noise we can’t help but make as we fumble our way through our own beautiful journey.

This project would not have been possible without the generous support of you, our friends, family and fans and we are so excited to share it with you!

Noise will be available on all major digital distribution platforms on November 15th and available for pre-order on November 8th.

Please feel free to contact us at  or drop us a line on our social media platforms to learn more about our upcoming album and how you can own a physical copy! 

Our sincerest best wishes to all of you! Keep being you!